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The Monte Carlo IPPA Championship may appear to be an exclusive event for the “Rich & Famous”, but it is for the benefit of all players as well as the entire poker community.  For as little as $1,000 (less if you win a satellite), a player can play in a Qualifier at selected venues.  The Qualifier is a tournament with the opportunity of a $5 million parlay.

The Qualifiers will have large prize pools themselves.  Some of the Qualifiers may use the patent pending Equity Re-buy Shootout structure.  Unlike the re-buy that occurs at the starting levels of a tournament which is the same amount as the original buy-in, the Equity Re-buy is available before the second round.  If 1000 players enter, the prize pool is $1,000,000.  The table winners (10% of the players) win $1,000 each so the prize pool is now $900,000.  Their equity is $9,000 each (900,000 -:- 100).  The Equity Re-buy of $9,000 does not change the equity of any player remaining in the tournament nor of any additional player that re-buys.  There is a huge incentive for the 900 eliminated players to re-buy.  In addition to the $900,000 in the prize pool, there is also the tantalizing enticement of the added value of the $12 million Monte Carlo IPPA Championship.  Mucho value.

There are no restrictions on the number of Qualifiers you can enter. You can try to qualify for the Championship as many times as you like.  In fact, if you win your table in Round 1 you will get your $1,000 back and now you’re free-rolling for over $5,000,000.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  The WSOP Main Event is a great event but it’s 10-1 to enter through a $1,000 mega-satellite.  To get to the final 48 (based on 7,000 entries), the odds are 140-1 but it’s also sudden death.  With the Monte Carlo IPPA Championship Qualifier, you will have many chances to get into the Elite 48.

Click Here for information on the Qualifiers Schedule.

It’s the opportunity of a lifetime; Seize the Challenge.


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